This module automatically generates redirects. In addition, redirects can be created manually and the behavior for a 404 page can be configured.

Redirects are important for the search engine ranking. If the URL of a page changes, the search engine crawler knows with a redirect where the page can be found instead. But also for users or for links with an old URL, it is unfavorable if an address no longer works. A redirect ensures that everyone gets to the required content.

The Redirects module contains functional areas: Redirects Management, Redirects Log, Page not found Handling.

Redirect Management

If you change the URL of a page in its page properties, redirections to the new URL are automatically created. The list of created redirects therefore consists almost exclusively of automatically created elements.

If you ever want to create a forwarding manually, it is best to use the settings of the automatically created elements as a guide. To delimit the redirections generated by the module, it is best to create another category by clicking the Create new Category button.

In case the redirection is only temporary, set the redirect code 302 (Temporary Redirect).

Redirect Log

In this functional area you will find a log of when the redirects were used on your website. The time taken to execute each redirect (in seconds) is also recorded.

Page Not Found Handling

In this function area you can define custom settings of a 404 page (page not found).

You will see various configuration options. It is best to create a 404 page in the page tree and link it here.

To do this, click on the link icon to the right of the field under Configuration and then select the 404 page you have created in the page tree.

You do not need to make any further settings.

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