TypoScript support for PHPStorm, Webstorm and IntelliJ

To support the daily work with the languages TypoScript and TypoScript for Neos, we created this plugin for the popular IntelliJ IDEs – IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm and Webstorm – from Jetbrains. Functions are included for both integrators and programmers that help optimize and reduce maintenance, development time, and sources of error.


TYPO3 Versions 7.6.X | 8.7.X | 9.5.X | 10.4.X | 11.5.X | 12.4.X
IDE Versions
from 2022.2

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
IntelliJ IDEA Community
IntelliJ IDEA Educational

A comparison of the editions

The TypoScript plugin is actively developed by us as an open source project. There is a free version of the plugin that can be downloaded directly from the IntelliJ Plugin Repository. However, this version will not include all new features.


Basic version

Enterprise version

Free of charge

from 29,99 €

Syntax Highlighting / Code Folding

Quick Documentation

Structure Tree and Breadcrumbs

Automatic error detection

Autocomplete with multi-file support

Open included files with one click

Support of Open Source projects

Without advertising

The Features

Syntax Highlighting / Code Folding

With the help of the TypoScript plugin the IntelliJ IDEs are able to recognize TypoScript as a language and to highlight the syntactic peculiarities in color. Code structures can be recognized faster, as you are used to with other languages.

Related code blocks can also be collapsed to provide a better overview within a TS file.

Auto-completion with multi-file support

The TypoScript plugin recognizes objects, variables and other constructs even across file boundaries and is thus able to offer helpful suggestions for auto-completion. The auto-complete menu can be consulted at any time by pressing Alt + Space.

Quick Documentation

With the key combination Ctrl + Q (Ctrl + J under OSX), the documentation for the symbol at the current cursor position can be called up in a popup window at any time. This way, details about e.g. the use of certain objects can be looked up quickly without leaving the IDE.

Structure Tree and Breadcrumbs

To get a better overview of the structure of the TypoScript code, the nesting depth of the current cursor position is displayed in a breadcrumb view above the code. In addition, the code structure can be viewed at any time via the structure tree.

Automatic error detection

In order to prevent annoying typos and syntax errors, formal errors are recognized during writing and visualized accordingly.

Open included files with one click

No more annoying searching through the file tree - included files are only one click away. With the key combination Ctrl + Click you can conveniently jump directly to the referencing at any time.

The TypoScript plugin in action

TypoScript Plugin Features

Roadmap & Licence

The TypoScript plugin for IntelliJ IDEs - IntelliJ IDEA, PHPStorm and Webstorm - from Jetbrains is constantly being developed and improved. The following features are already planned for the upcoming versions.

You are missing a feature, or you have suggestions for improvement? – You are welcome to contact us or create an Issue in our bugtracker.

  • Recognition of TSref properties and linking of online documentation
  • Optimization of error messages
  • Language injection support for common file types (.ts, .php, .js, etc.)
  • Configurable syntax highlighting
  • Implementation of a local snippet memory
  • Optimization of code generators
  • Transforming Code Blocks into Liners
  • Transforming one-liners into code blocks


The usage of the Enterprise Version (ad-free) requires the payment of a fee. The Base Version can be used free of charge. With the purchase of the Enterprise Version you not only support the future development of the SGC, but also our contributions to numerous other OpenSource projects.

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