The shortcut page is a link to another internally located page. So you do not have to create content on this page, but only create a link to another page in the page properties. Existing pages can be converted into link pages at any time, e.g. if you want to link from a main page directly to a subpage.

The following two tabs in the page properties differ from the other page types. All other tabs can be found in the documentation for (general) page properties.

Tab General

The General tab of a shortcut page does not differ from that of a standard page except for the last section. The last two columns, Shortcut Mode and Shortcut Target, can only be found in the page properties of a shortcut page. There are four modes:

  • Selected Page
  • First subpage of selected/current page
  • Random subpage of selected/current page
  • Parent page of selected/current page

By default, the Selected page mode is set. This means that the page you specify as a shortcut target will be displayed in the frontend when a user calls the URL of the link page. As long as you have not selected a target, a note will be displayed in the content area: Page is configured to be a link but there is actually no valid target defined.

Tab Metadata

You can also use the documentation for the standard page for the Metadata. This is because the Metadata tab looks different from the tab of the standard page, yet it contains (less but) the same components:

  • Abstract
  • Editorial – Author Name, Author Email, Last Update

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