The module comments is a moderation tool for editors. Comments can be filtered, viewed, approved or deleted here.

Depending on the settings, the module shows a list of comments of a page or all comments which have been written in the frontend. Especially if you want to have comments checked by an editor first, this module is essential for your daily work. In order to allow users to leave comments at all, a comment plugin has to be inserted in the backend of the pages.

For example, you can use a comment function for news articles or blog posts. We have compiled further documentation for our TYPO3 blog extension for editors.

Show Comments

With this module it does not necessarily make a difference on which page you are in the page tree. Depending on the filter settings, for example, all comments or only non approved comments can be displayed.

With the tree level you can determine whether only comments of one page and level should be displayed or whether subpages and sub-subpages are also considered. Adjustable are 1-5 levels or an infinite number of levels. The second filter option refers to the status of the comments:

  • All comments
  • Approved comments
  • Non approved comments

If you are on the start page (which contains all other pages), select infinite at the tree level and all comments at the status, all comments in the system will be displayed. The default setting is 1 level and non approved comments.

Select all comments, Approve comments und Delete comments

Above the comment list you see three buttons:

  • Select all comments
  • Approve comments
  • Delete comments

After viewing the unapproved comments, an editor could use these options to approve all comments with just two clicks.

Disapprove comment, View comment und Delete Comment

Each comment can also be selected individually. To do this, set a check mark on the left side of the comment line. There are three options on the right of each comment: Disapprove/approve comment, view comment and delete comment. To remove comments from the page, they do not necessarily have to be deleted, it is also possible to disapprove them. Finally, all comments can be viewed individually. The screenshot of the backend shows how this is displayed.

You would like to know more?

All information about the available offers can be found on the pages of our website base. You have the option of having a website created at a fixed price or opt for a Website as a Service package with which no further hosting costs or security and function updates will be due to you.

Technical documentation of the sg_comments extension

For developers, we have compiled a technical documentation on the sg_comments TYPO3 extension, which contains notes on integration and further information about the extension.