Ext: sg_contentlink

License: GNU GPL, Version 2

Repository: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/sg_contentlink

Please report bugs here: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/sg_contentlink

TYPO3 version: >=9.5


Adds an option to content elements that creates a link which wraps the entire element. Inner links will be removed.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Install the extension "sg_contentlink" in your TYPO3 extension manager
  2. Include the static TypoScript template "Contentlink" to the root page
  3. The most important CTypes are already added. If you want to add a new CType, simply extend the tt_content cType values to the SGalinski\SgContentlink\TCA\TcaProvider class by using the following functions, either in your ext_tables.php or in your TCA configuration of your template extension.

         // Example


    You can supply different values for the link properties within the extensions TypoScript:

     plugin.tx_sgcontentlink {
    	settings {
    		link {
    			overwrite {
    				# sets the target attribute of the generated link
    				defaultTarget =
    				# sets the class attribute of the generated link
    				defaultClass =
    				# sets the title attribute of the generated link
    				defaultTitle =


In your content elements you find an option Content Element Link. When you provide a valid url, the element gets wrapped with the link and all inner links are removed. If the option is empty or is not a valid url, nothing happens.