TYPO3 7 LTS - We are ready!

TYPO3 7 LTS - We are ready!

Fabian Galinski 02. December 2015 Releases

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Some of you have probably already noticed that, together with the conversion of our website to TYPO3 7.6, we have made some open source extensions compatible for this version. Unfortunately, for time reasons, this was not possible for all extensions yet. These are "df_tools", the "content_replacer" and "df_contentslide". However, this will change in the coming months, depending on requirements.

As already mentioned above, this website now runs under the new TYPO3 version, so I'd like to give you some user feedback. In general I think that the look and feel of the backend has improved a lot. For example, thanks to the new UI, I find all the modules much faster, everything looks more structured and tidier. In addition, it's now easier to see what the individual control icons are supposed to do. Last but not least, I notice the considerable performance boost. The only application problem I experienced in the beginning was that I hadn't found the "user tools" anymore, because they are now inside a menu that can be opened by clicking on the user name - top right in the backend.

Finally, I have to say that the update is definitely worth it!
(Of course we can support you with the update as an agency with pleasure.)

In the following I will describe which extensions we have updated and which other adjustments have been made to them.


In the new version 5.0.0 we have set the support to 6.2 - 7.6. The newest scriptmerger is therefore no longer offered on instances with version 4.5. In addition, the extension was equipped with namespaces and the code was optimized for the newer TYPO3 releases.


Support for TYPO3 7.6 has been integrated into version 3.3. In addition several bugs have been solved, e.g. those that occurred with the use of "<CDATA[]]>" in language files not generated by the editor.


Version 5.0 of the extension is only available for TYPO3 7.6. Because the changes needed to make it work were so extensive, we could not guarantee compatibility for TYPO3 6.2 and 4.7 any longer. We also had to temporarily disable the AJAX functionality. If you want to use this extension on such a TYPO3 installation, you can install version 4.2.1.


In version 4.2.8 the support for TYPO3 7.6 is guaranteed as well as for the other extensions. The latest language files were included in the extension and the tinyMCE version used was updated to 4.2.8. At the same time a "tinyMCE language file for TYPO3 language code" bug was solved.


For release 2.0 we have added compatibility for TYPO3 7.6. Unfortunately we couldn't support the wizard for adding images in RTE anymore. Existing images are still displayed in the RTE and frontend, so don't worry about content loss. :-) As a compensation there is now a new usability improvement, namely the possibility to remove links with a button in the toolbar or with the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + M".

Many thanks at this point to bgm websolutions for the financial support!

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry and look forward to your feedback. :) If you still find bugs, you can report them in the respective Bugtracker. You can find all our Open Source projects on our Open-Source page together with the last update date and the number of downloads so far. We are looking forward to your feedback! If you are still missing a feature then we will gladly accept financial support for the realization. :-)

I wish you a successful day/evening!

- Fabian -


  • Stefan Galinski

    at 18.05.2017

    Funktioniert der Kommentarbereich auch im Live seit dem 7.6-Update? Funktioniert der Kommentarbereich auch im Live seit dem 7.6-Update?

    Drop files here
Drop files here