TypoScript Plugin 1.7 (Stability and usability)

TypoScript Plugin 1.7 (Stability and usability)

Fabian Galinski 29. June 2016 Releases

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We released version 1.7 of our TypoScript plugin just some hours ago. Get it while it's hot!

Free and enterprise changes

One of the new main new features is the support of the file extension ".t3s" by default. We recommend to use the new file extension to prevent collisions with the ".ts" variant as the new one won't conflict with the TypeScript plugin. We also fixed a dozen bugs - from exceptions to syntax bugs and updated the typoscript reference for the latest TYPO3 version.

Another very important change is the switch to Java 8. Please be aware that this also means that we dropped platform support for outdated IntelliJ versions.

Enterprise only changes

The enterprise aka commercial version got also some new features. This time an auto completion for the "EXT:" and "LLL:" paths in all typoscript property values. Like known from the include tags, you can also directly jump into the path by holding the CTRL key while clicking on them.

If you are already a paying customer, please login into your shop account and download the latest version in your instant downloads area. Everyone else can buy the latest version directly from our online shop. Prices start from cheap 9.99€.

Note: If you have installed already the previous typoscript plugin, please uninstall it and install the latest version again. We changed the ID in order to prevent collisions between the free demo and commercial version.

Feature preview

Detailed Changelog

Neos TypoScript

  • [BUGFIX] A dot (".") in prototype object name breaks formating of whole file

TYPO3 TypoScript

  • [FEATURE][Enterprise] AutoCompletion for ext path values.
  • [FEATURE][Enterprise] Goto declaration for ext path values.
  • [FEATURE] Update the tsref.xml to "TYPO3 7.6".
  • [TASK] Improved the notification dialog
  • [TASK] Switch to Java 8
  • [BUGFIX] Autocompletion of the ext paths in the include TypoScript lines don't work, if there's no space within "FILE:" / "DIR:" and "EXT:".
  • [BUGFIX] Valid syntax is marked as an error in the conditions.
  • [BUGFIX] A colon within a keyword is marked as an error.
  • [BUGFIX] The Project settings dialog is not shown anymore
  • [BUGFIX] Worker exited due to java.util.ConcurrentModificationException.
  • [BUGFIX] Exception - StackOverflow
  • [BUGFIX] NullPointer Exception and other error in IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.3


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