TypoScript Plugin 1.8.0

TypoScript Plugin 1.8.0

Fabian Galinski 19. September 2016 Releases

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We released version 1.8.0 of our TypoScript plugin today. The goals of this version were fixing some annoying bugs and boosting the performance.

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of a new notification that includes a license dialog. If not entered you will get the window again after 100 project switches or IDE starts. On this information page you can read a short tutorial, how you set your license key and where you can find it.

Another new feature is the support of conditions attribute in the INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT lines. You can use the normal TypoScript conditions like usual with autocompletion and so on. You can find an example for this nice feature on this site. We didn't add this feature to the enterprise edition only, as a small thank you to the community. :-)

We hope that you like the new features. At the end we want to thank you all for reporting bugs in our Gitlab issue tracker!


Neos Fusion

  • [FEATURE] Adding more file extensions. (.fusion .nf)
  • [FEATURE] Update of the parser, so we have a better performance.


  • [FEATURE] Adds an auto completion for the new conditions in the INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT lines.
  • [FEATURE] Update of the parser, so we have a better performance.
  • [FEATURE] Creation of a new notification with license dialog.
  • [TASK] Now the notification will appear after 100 starts.
  • [BUGFIX] The auto formatting adds a space after an equals in conditions.


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