TypoScript Plugin 1.9.0

TypoScript Plugin 1.9.0

Fabian Galinski 05. October 2017 Releases

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Today we finally released the version 1.9.0 of the TypoScript plugin. We fixed several bugs, performance issues and implemented some new features for TYPO3 8.

The two biggest features in this release were the integration of the ".typoscript" extension as an alternative to ".ts". The reason for this is that the second extension is already in use by TypeScript and the first was promoted to the official one. The other feature was the improval of the RAM and CPU usage for some cases. Hopefully this will fix the issues which some of our users experienced.

We hope that you like the new features. At the end we want to thank you all for reporting bugs in our Gitlab issue tracker!



  • [FEATURE] Introduction of ".typoscript" as a new TypoScript file extension.
  • [FEATURE] Adds more files, which are recognized as TypoScript. (constants.ts, setup.ts, constants.typoscript, setup.typoscript)
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the RAM and CPU usage for some cases.
  • [FEATURE] Basic support for the new custom conditions.
  • [FEATURE] Adds a quickfix for the old comment type with just one slash.
  • [BUGFIX] Incorrectly mentioned error while referencing with the shorthand syntax. Finally fixed after 2 years, Hooray! :)
  • [BUGFIX] The include TypoScript line shows an error, if the "EXT:" isn't prefixed with a "FILE:" or "DIR:".
  • [BUGFIX] The comma is shown as a bug within the TypoScript functions like "replaceString(,|)".
  • [BUGFIX] Some exceptions were shown in the latest IDE versions.


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    Stefan Galinski

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    Nice release! Nice release!

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