TypoScript-Plugin Update 1.4

TypoScript-Plugin Update 1.4

Fabian Galinski 06. November 2014 Releases

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In the last few days, together with our new colleague Damjan Komlenac, I have updated the TypoScript plugin to version 1.4!

This time we had to care more about the stability and the functionality, because unfortunately some bugs were caused by the many new functions, which were added last time. Among other things auto-completion, inline documentation and the "Code-Type-Annotations" now work completely error-free. In the past these have caused problems again and again. 

At this point a big thank you to the users who gave us the needed feedback and downloaded the plugin nearly 15,000 times!

In addition, we have started to eliminate legacy code. We started with a complete revision of the parser and lexer in TypoScript1.


In addition, we would like to sincerely thank the following donors. :-)


  • Stefan Galinski

    Stefan Galinski

    at 11.08.2015

    Wann gibt es denn mal wieder eine neue Version, Dicka? Wann gibt es denn mal wieder eine neue Version, Dicka?

    Drop files here
Drop files here