Our agency in July

Our agency in July

Stefan Galinski 02. August 2015 Company News

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July was all about our own website. At the beginning of the month, we relaunched the TYPO3 website, as the previous Neos base had limited us too much. Recently, our new TYPO3 agency content page went live. The change to the new base was already worth it after a few days. So we have to register a clear increase of our traffic, which is on a similar level until today. Enclosed is a screenshot, which illustrates this increase in the month comparison June/July.

Open Source in July

In July we of course continued to work on our existing open source projects. We released a new feature version of our gulp toolchain with numerous bug fixes, updated dependencies, new performance features and several other small mini features. Are you using the toolchain? We are happy about your experience.

In addition there was a new release of our language file editor for TYPO3, which contains some new comfort features like the selection of the simultaneously visible constants, saving via shortcut (Ctrl+Enter) and also some bugfixes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the two contributors Markus Klein and Andreas Pattynama.


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