Adapted TYPO3 extensions to version 6.2

Adapted TYPO3 extensions to version 6.2

Stefan Galinski 01. June 2014 Releases

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After the current version 6.2 of TYPO3 has been released for quite some time now, it was time for our Open-Source Extensions to be adapted. In addition to the pure adaptations for the latest version, a number of bug fixes and new functions were also included in the releases. The following list summarizes them:


This extension underwent the most extensive changes, as it was the first TER release in several years. The development hadn't stopped during this time, but unfortunately we didn't have the rights for a release yet. This had recently changed and we will now include the extension in our regular update cycles.

The new version contains, besides the adaptation to TYPO3 6.x, numerous bugfixes and compatibility adjustments for the current browsers. However, no new functions have been added, since, among other things, the underlying Shadowbox is no longer being further developed.


Our oldest open source extension has received a number of bug fixes, including a check to see if a desired language can be edited at all with the current TYPO3 configuration. This was an often mentioned bug report, but in fact it wasn't one at all. In addition, it is now possible to prevent the adaptation of the XLF date header, since this, together with versioning, could quickly become a nuisance. More information can be found in the complete Changelog.


df_tabs has received two bugfixes, the most important of which is the respect of access rights for displaying pages as tabs. This means that the extension can now also be used sensibly on pages with login rights. The complete Changelog can be found in the TYPO3 forum.


Our solution for easy-to-create and customizable collapsible and unfoldable content has been extended by the possibility to display elements already expanded after loading. However, this is only possible if the associated markup is created manually.


The df_tools got a lot of smaller and bigger bugfixes. Details can be found in the detailed Changelog.


The tinymce wrapper was equipped with the current version 4.0.28 of the underlying tinymce editor.


For the content_replacer there were no changes or improvements in this update cycle.


Last but not least there was an update for the quite popular extension scriptmerger, which was facilitated by us by a minor bug that prevented it from being used with uppercase style tags.

If you are interested in having certain bugs or features prioritized and fixed in one of our enhancements, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. We also welcome code contributions and feedback in the form of bug reports and requests that can be made on forge.


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