Our open source activities in April

Our open source activities in April

Stefan Galinski 04. May 2015 Releases

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Chef Cookbooks

In April, we released the chief cookbooks for the setup of both TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Neos, which have been under development for some time, as a development basis. These enable the flexible creation of instances on a configuration basis for various applications as well as the updating of these. Included is an integration of a standard configuration based on Ubuntu, the installation of the desired TYPO3 page, XhProf for profiling, XDebug for debug purposes and Mailcatcher for intercepting mails, as this is rather undesirable during development. Read more about this major release in the more detailed news article.

df_contentslide 5.0

In addition to the Cookbook release, in April we also worked on version 5.0 of df_contentslide (opening and closing content), which is now more flexible than ever before. The extension for the TYPO3 CMS was fundamentally rewritten in order to bring the code up to the current standards and therefore requires TYPO3 6.2 as a prerequisite.

As new functions there is the possibility to assign special layouts for a content element, if different designs are to be used on a page. There is also a choice between three different animations instead of just one. Last but not least, it is now also possible to display elements expanded by default. In addition to these functions, reloading via AJAX is still possible, whereby only the text is rendered. This is still a limitation.

Have fun trying out the new version! If you find bugs or have ideas for new features, please report them on Forge. You can find the code in our Gitlab.

TypoScript-Plugin Update to Version 1.5

We also released version 1.5 for the TypoScript plugin for PHPStorm and Co. This time it was mainly a stability update. Among other things, code auto-completion, inline documentation and error handling have been greatly improved. In addition, the whole formatting does not collapse when a code error occurs and the often reported NullPointerException due to incorrect condition parsing has been fixed. Finally, the user experience has been improved as the TypoScript function now also has auto-completion and documentation.

A complete changelog can be found in our Gitlab. There you can also report bugs and feature requests.


In addition to the larger releases, there were also stability updates for the LFEditor - an extension for editing TYPO3 language files.


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