Our open source activities in March

Our open source activities in March

Stefan Galinski 31. March 2015 Releases

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Probably the most significant development was the LFEditor, which has been released in a new major version. It offers numerous improvements to the user interface and also some new functions, especially to extend the possibilities for editors in this area. Here the new overwrite mode is to be emphasized, which offers an update-safe possibility to make changes to labels. You can find detailed articles about the changes in three more articles in the news section.

tinymce and tinymce4_rte

Besides the new LFEditor, we have released new versions of the TYPO3 extensions tinymce and tinymce4_rte. The focus here was clearly on stabilizing the existing functionality, as we have often heard of problems with saving and loading the editor. Thanks to a larger patch from the community (thanks again to @bln42) we have changed the existing loading behavior to a mutationObserver and optimized the storage behavior. So far we are not aware of any new bugs in this area. Operation successful. :-)

In addition to this stabilization, the tinymce-Editor itself has been updated to the latest version and the configuration has been revised and refined. A context menu and a plugin for the use of conditional hyphens are now included. The latter is thanks to Sigfried Arnold.

If you find bugs or see potential for improvement, you can report them in the appropriate Forge projects of tinymce and tinymce4_rte or directly open MergeRequests in our Gitlab.

A new extension for links to complete content

In the recent past, we have had several requests from customers for links to complete content. We responded to this call and wrote a small extension which implements this by means of a new field in the content records. Here the well-known link wizard is supported by TYPO3. Note that if you set such a link, all other links in this content will be removed, as otherwise the HTML would not be valid and this would lead to incorrect behavior in the browsers.

You can find the extension in the TER under the name "sg_contentlink".  Please have a look at our OpenSource section if you want to know more about our activities.

We are also happy about articles in your blogs, backlinks to our site, tweets and other social media activities and of course code contributions. Many thanks in advance! :-)


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