Our open source activities in May

Our open source activities in May

Stefan Galinski 31. May 2015 Releases

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To complement our Solr cookbook for Chef we have now added Nutch as a cookbook to our "library". It is quite simple and only installs a desired version of Nutch. If you need help with the configuration, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to help you. As usual you will find the code and an issue tracker on our Gitlab.

Nutch is a Java based tool for crawling websites. The data can be transferred to a Solr or Elastic search index. For TYPO3 there is also a corresponding extension from dkd, which Nutch provides configured to fit.

Gulp Toolchain 3.0

Another milestone was to celebrate our Gulp-Toolchain, which is now available in version 3.0.0 and in the meantime even in a higher version with FollowUp-Fixes and features. Also in the near future you can expect further updates. We are explicitly looking forward to your feedback on this new version, as some deeper adjustments have been made.


  • Compatibility with the latest Node Version 0.12 (new minimum requirement!)
  • Numerous bugfixes for the integration of the sprite engine, which for example crashed in the watch-task when new images were added in the past
  • The Sass compiler task logs compile errors into the console and does not stop the watch-task anymore.
  • Integration of our newest plugin gulp-check filesize with the option to set a size limit for files. This avoids huge CSS files accidentally created by Sass inheritance.
  • No asset-paths.json is necessary anymore if TYPO3 is used with the default directories. If necessary, one can still be created.
  • Extensions to be monitored are now defined in the configuration and are no longer monitored overall for the whole project. This improves the start time of gulp considerably and avoids problems when adapting Sass files in third-party extensions.

You can report issues and feedback in the corresponding Gitlab Project.


In addition to the release of these new major versions, we have also continued to work on our other Chef-Cookbooks and fixed some bugs. Especially for Mac OSX users there are important fixes.


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