TypoScript and Fluid Plugin 2.1.0

TypoScript and Fluid Plugin 2.1.0

Fabian Galinski 30. April 2019 Releases

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Today we released version 2.1.0 of our TypoScript and Fluid plugin. This update improves the stability, resolves some issues and also optimizes the performance. :) Thanks to all of you who are reporting bugs in our Gitlab issue tracker!

TypoScript Plugin Changelog

  • [TASK] Raise the minimum IDE version to 181.
  • [TASK] Resolves all deprecations and refactoring of old code.
  • [BUGFIX] The file logic wasn't working correctly, if the extension isn't in an extension folder.
  • [BUGFIX] Some links are 404 pages.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixes some NullPointerExceptions.


Fluid Plugin Changelog

  • [FEATURE] Adds a setting to remove the injection for some tags.
  • [TASK] Correction of some urls, because they were 404 pages.
  • [TASK] Raise the minimum IDE version to build number 181.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes arguments are marked as required, but they shouldn't.
  • [BUGFIX] "Outdated stub in index" error was thrown in the index utility.



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