Improvements in TYPO3

The content management system TYPO3 is i very stable by default and is constantly being further developed and improved as an open source project. If we ever find a bug that has not been fixed yet, we fix it as soon as possible and implement the improvement after a detailed quality check in the Website-Base. Afterwards, we usually forward the patch to the TYPO3 project so that it will be available to the entire community after a slightly longer review process. In this way, we always guarantee optimal stability for our customers and make a valuable contribution to other CMS users.

Optimization of our Extensions

The Website-Base has been and will continue to be equipped by us on the basis of TYPO3 with many features and enhancements. We pay special attention to the stability of the distribution and pay attention to full compatibility of our extensions. Both are continuously ensured by strong quality controls with extensive testing. So both you and we can be sure that your web system will work optimally at all times.


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You want to know more?

All information about the available editions and their numerous other features can be found on the Website-Base product page.