Active Development and Optimization

The Website-Base was built based on TYPO3, which for many years has been and still is one of the most popular content management systems for commercial websites. It is being continuously developed as an open source project by its large community. The members of this community meet several times a year at conferences and other meetings around the world to share the latest developments and future projects and actively participate in the continuous improvement of the CMS. We also participate actively in the community, for example as a sponsor of the annual TYPO3camp Munich and through our open source contributions.

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Versatile Usage of TYPO3

From the website of a small business to the intranet of global corporations, TYPO3 is used in a variety of fields and continuously tested and improved by the community. Of course, these improvements will also be included in the Website-Base, which allows us to assure you that it is perfectly suited for your project and will continue to be enriched with further enhancements.

Community Support

Another advantage of the large user community is that detailed information is available on all important topics related to TYPO3. This information is, just like the CMS, continuously maintained and kept up to date. Nevertheless, should any questions arise in conjunction with the use of TYPO3, we are happy to help. In addition, there are many portals and forums of the TYPO3 community in which users of the CMS provide each other assistance.


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