Subscription model and demo for website calculator

Subscription model and demo for website calculator

Stefan Galinski 17. September 2015 Company News

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About a month ago, the TYPO3 agency sgalinski Internet Services launched a calculator for high-quality and yet inexpensive websites based on TYPO3. According to CEO Stefan Galinski, it has been used several hundred times so far and has been very well received. To support the product, a demo has now been completed which shows an example of a smaller website based on it.

To the package overview

In addition to the demo, a new pricing model has also been introduced. For all customers who want a permanent maintenance and care of your website and do not want to deal with the matter themselves. For this there are three price models for smaller sides up to larger with Loginbereich. An update to the unlimited packages without all-round support is possible at any time after the end of the one-year contract period. The contract can be cancelled at any time. The invoice is issued annually, which reduces the effort for the customer.

Please note that the all-round support applies to all topics related to the maintenance and content maintenance of the website. But not for changes to the design of the site. This is initially provided by the agency and can be chosen from a small selection. An individual Logo can be acquired if necessary against a surcharge.

The prices already start at 39,99€ per month and include support via e-mail, hosting and a .de domain. Setup costs come for the initial production of the side in addition. In the future a partner model will follow. Information for this can be inquired at present via E-Mail contact.

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