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TYPO3 Website References


Computop offers trading and service-providing companies individual solutions in the area of payment transactions. The payment service provider is committed to making payments worldwide secure, fraud-free and convenient.

This project is a custom development according to the wishes of our client Computop, for whom we realised a TYPO3 site with the powerful Solr search. We are also responsible for the entire infrastructure, which includes Gitlab, the server and Matomo (for statistics). The website is available in two languages and for three regions. Particularly noteworthy in this project is the integration of the HR software Softgarden. Softgarden is an application management system that covers the entire recruiting process, making it as efficient and convenient as possible from application to appointment and decision-making.

duagon AG

duagon is a leading supplier of communication, computer and control technology for mission-critical applications in the railway and embedded electronics market and has since grown into a global player.

We have been supporting duagon AG for several years. Most recently, we realised a migration project consisting of three sites. The new website is based on our TYPO3 Website-Base and is available in several languages: German, English and Mandarin. The design of the site was optimised and extended. The powerful search of the duagon website with a multi-level filter for results is integrated based on Apache Solr. We have also set up an account area for access-protected downloads. The Product Finder uses data from a PIM system (Product Information System) that works with import management. Amazon CloudFront's Content Delivery Network (CDN) minimises loading times regardless of location.

Thüga Energienetze GmbH & Energieportal

Together with 450 cities, communities and around 100 municipal companies in the energy and water sector, Thüga AG forms Germany's largest network of energy supply companies.

In cooperation with trurnit GmbH, the corporate website of Thüga Energienetze GmbH (THEN) was completely modernised and revised on the basis of our TYPO3 Website-Base. Together with trurnit GmbH, we also implemented the Thüga energy portal with our Website-Base. The portal offers the company's customers a central hub for personalised content and information about THEN's services.


CityPower - c/o Emscher Lippe Energie GmbH provides private, commercial and business customers in Gelsenkirchen, Bottrop and Gladbeck with electricity, natural gas and heat and also offers a wide range of contemporary energy services.

For the free CityPower-Card, which among other things offers CityPower customers discounts when shopping online, we realised a TYPO3 website in cooperation with trurnit GmbH. The website not only allows visitors to order the CityPower-Card, but also to find advantageous offers in a map view and optionally through various category filters.


The ENNI group of companies is a nationwide energy supplier and infrastructure service provider for Moers and the region.

In cooperation with trurnit GmbH, we implemented a comprehensive web presence for ENNI based on TYPO3. The company website has a triple navigation consisting of the actual website of the group of companies and one page each for private customers and business customers. Many ordering processes for tariffs, electricity, water or gas are connected to SAP via an interface. We have integrated Solr for a powerful search on the website. There is also a regular import of user data from third-party systems. In addition to the main page, the entire ENNI online presence includes a citizen info portal, a committee info portal and an online committee information system of ENNI Energie & Umwelt.

PIA Automation Holding GmbH

PIA Automation Holding GmbH is part of the Joyson group of companies. The business areas include mobility – in particular powertrain, e-mobility, safety, components, battery as well as industrial goods, consumer goods and medical technology.

In collaboration with Seitenwind GmbH, we implemented the new corporate website of PIA Automation Holding. In addition to a full-screen header video, the site has a modern tile-based design. Thanks to the use of our TYPO3 Website-Base, the elements can be combined and arranged as needed. This gives editors a lot of creative freedom. The site is offered in 3 languages, including Chinese. In order to manage the high number of job applications that PIA Automation GmbH receives, our specially developed extension sg_jobs is used. Applicants can easily apply for advertised positions via an online form.

Feintool International Holding AG

Feintool is an internationally active technology and market leader in fineblanking and is a project and development partner in the areas of lightweight construction, module variants and alternative drive concepts such as hybrid and electric.

In cooperation with Seitenwind GmbH, we provide technical support for the website of the Swiss company Feintool International Holding AG and were allowed to carry out an extensive relaunch based on our TYPO3 Website-Base in 2018. On the new website, we implemented a completely new design, of course responsive. A company newsroom can be sorted by different categories and is based on our sg_news extension. The career page convinces with a clear sorting of jobs, for which potential applicants can apply directly online with our sg_jobs extension.


EWR has been an energy supplier in Rheinhessen for more than 100 years, acting as a trader of energy and as a network operator.

In cooperation with trurnit GmbH, we implemented the relaunch of the EWR sales and corporate website. In addition to the cross-domain search using Apache Solr and Nutch, the postcode companion is the heart of the sales website. This allows the user to get content specifically adapted to his region by entering his postcode. Technically, the project is based on our Website-Base, which relies on TYPO3 and Bootstrap. The corporate site shines with a magazine layout and seamless, flexible teaser boxes as well as a simple yet flexible comment and news system. The site was built in a multi-domain setup with the sales website. is the yoga portal for AshtangaYoga in German-speaking countries, but is also well visited from other countries thanks to the numerous languages and the open system for helping to translate the site.

We have been supporting the client with know-how and our agency services for numerous years. The portal is based on TYPO3 and is (partially) available in almost 10 languages. Apache Solr is used as a search solution. A comprehensive management backend for the school and teachers as well as a system for editing content directly on the website complete the portal in the background.

ProPack AG

ProPack AG is a globally active company for sealing technology and packaging. ProPack's products have numerous applications in a wide range of industries, such as the paper and pulp, sugar and chemical industries. 

Vero Design designed the online presence of ProPack and provided them with content. The website is based on TYPO3 and was created with our technical support. It is connected to the company's enterprise resource planning system and is available in German and English. We are still responsible for the technical maintenance.

DomainFactory GmbH

DomainFactory GmbH is a company from the hosting sector, part of GoDaddy EMEA and one of the largest hosters in Germany.

We have been a technical partner for website support since the company was founded and integrate new designs, maintain the overall system and develop the existing website further on the basis of TYPO3. For search, the company relies on Apache Solr. Most recently, we integrated a Wordpress blog into the TYPO3 website for Domainfactory.

Softing IT Networks GmbH

Softing IT Networks GmbH is an international provider of hardware for certifying, qualifying, verifying and troubleshooting network infrastructure from copper to fibre optics.

The website is available in various regions, whereby the content differs in part and direct translations with fallback mechanisms are still possible. Our highly developed TYPO3 Website-Base is used as the basis.

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