The website base provides a bunch of features that make it easy to create a full-fledged career portal. These portals are designed so that both the administration of the advertised job offers and incoming applications, as well as the application process are as simple and clear as possible.

Setting up a Career Portal

Preparations for a Perfect Overview

In order to create a new career portal, a location in the backend for saving the job advertisements is required. If you want to enable online applications, a form must be set up on another page via a provided plugin. This form automatically forwards applicants to a confirmation page after submitting their application, so this must also be created and linked in the plugin. Through the preparations, individual areas of the process can be reused. For example, the application form can be used for unsolicited applications through a link to the page on which it is created.

Automated Front End Integration

Once these preparations are done, all job advertisements can be inserted anywhere on the website via another plug-in that links the prepared storage locations. The plug-in takes all job offers and links them in a list of teasers. When calling up one of the job offers, the plug-in ensures that the application form with the correct headline is also visible.

If you would like to refer to the portal from another page, for example, from the careers page of a single company site, another plug-in of the website base is the right choice: In this, job offers at individual locations can be selected. You can also display specific job ads in each of these plug-ins, for example, when the job is to be filled as soon as possible to present it more prominently.

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The website base provides many more features that simplify the management of job postings. We will gladly create a website with such a career portal. Contact us via our form or one of the other contact ways and get a non-binding offer.

Advertising and Managing Job Offers via Module

Once a storage location for job offers has been set, listings can be created and managed there. For this purpose, the website base is delivered with the backend module Job Offers.

Here you can also filter existing job offers by their assigned locations or search through them by keyword.

Creating Detailed Job Listings With Ease

Adding new job postings has been made as easy as possible by using simple input fields. In the back-end only the usual information such as job title, start date, a short description, which is included in the teasers of the job advertisement, and of course the tasks and necessary qualifications for the job must be entered.

In addition, the company and the contact person are selected from existing data records or a new data record, which can be reused later, is created.

All this information is automatically inserted into a template for the job posting. Also, information from the records of the company and the contact person are used. For example, the email address of the contact person is read from the specified data record and used in the appropriate place.

Easy Processing of Applicant Data

A plug-in is included in the website base, which automatically appends the pre-made application form to every job advertisement.

For uploading motivation letter, resume and other application documents, upload links are integrated as part of the form. These can also be seen in the sample excerpt. The individual input fields of the form can be adapted to your needs.

After the submission of an application, the linked contact person will automatically be notified via e-mail. The applicant data will be attached to this e-mail so that it can be processed directly. In addition, the submitted data is saved on the server as a CSV file so that other programs can read it out as needed.

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