Cookies may be loaded due to the GDPR (DSGVO) and the ePrivacy regulation only if the respective side visitor agrees this expressly (cookie consent). This also eliminates the need for opt-out solutions in which the user must actively object in order to no longer receive cookies. For this reason, sgalinski Cookie OptIn only embeds cookies that you define as essential.

The sgalinski Cookie Consent Extension is included in our Website-Base. It gives you a convenient and easy to configure way to manage your cookies and legally integrate them according to the GDPR.

More information about sgalinski Cookie OptIn/Consent

If you would like to learn more about our cookie OptIn Extension for TYPO3, visit the product page of the tool.

Immediately ready for use

You install the extension via Composer or the TER and include it with a few lines of TypoScript in your instance. Thanks to the clearly arranged backend module and an intelligent pre-configuration, your cookie opt-in banner is ready for use with just a few clicks. Any tracking scripts can also be added in no time at all, but will only be loaded once the user has agreed to it. We have prepared a complete installation and configuration guide for you.

Compatible with your design

In the backend module of the extension, the color design of the cookie pop-up can be configured so that the banner integrates seamlessly into the frontend of your website. This gives you full control over the appearance of the cookie hint.

Group Cookies & Manage Cookie Groups

Non-essential cookies are sorted into any number of groups in the supplied backend module. These cookies are listed transparently and clearly to the visitors of your site with information such as origin, description and duration. The user can then decide which cookie groups he wants to accept.

Configurable for multiple languages

The cookie banner of the extension can be translated completely into any number of different languages and is played out accordingly on each language of your website.

In addition, different cookie groups can be configured for different language versions of your website. This ensures transparent, flexible data protection for all your users.

Google Tag Manager and other tracking services

You can insert any scripts in the settings of sgalinski Cookie OptIn, which will be loaded as soon as the respective user has agreed. We have taken special care to ensure that no tracking information is lost through the OptIn banner.

Click here for the complete user manual

Would you like to know more?

All information about the available editions can be found on the webpage for our TYPO3 Website-Base. You have the possibility to get a Website at a Fixed Price or you decide for a Website as a Service package, with which no further costs for hosting or security and function updates will come up to you.