A big advantage of TYPO3 is the separation of design and content. This allows the user to easily change the content without affecting the design. The template can also be adapted or completely replaced without affecting the content. The intuitive TYPO3 modular system makes the administration of page content a simple task. Without the appropriate knowledge, however, it is much more difficult to change the template of a TYPO3 page. Therefore, a web designer is normally required.

With the design configurator of our website base, you can define the look of your site easily and without complications. You have the possibility to set up your own design or use one of our preset designs such as the Dark Theme.


Our design configurator is based on Bootstrap, but is much more flexible. With our Website-Base you can easily change color sets in the frontend and for single content elements. Logo and font are just as easily adapted as font sizes or spacing between elements.

However, the design options do not end with the frontend. You can also set up a background, a logo and a highlight color for the backend login. For the technically experienced there is also the possibility to write your own CSS and JavaScript.

The design configurator can be found in the backend in the menu to the left of the page tree under Website Configuration.

Fonts, font sizes & spacing

Flexible font import makes it easy to import any open source font, such as Google Fonts. Font sizes can also be set to any size.

In addition to font sizes, you can also specify spacing between and within content elements.

Color Sets

You can define different Color Sets that are used continuously in the frontend. You can also freely determine which color set is used for which element. If a content element uses additional colors, you can also set these freely. 

The individual color sets are listed under the first tab of the Design Configurator: Color Sets. Under Design you can then set the color sets you want for the individual content elements. 

It is even easier with our preset designs, which you can set in the Design Configurator. You can see the Dark Theme compared to the Light Theme here. 

Logo & Favicon

The logo of your site and the matching favicon can also be uploaded in the design configurator. In the frontend they will be integrated automatically.

A favicon is a 16x16 pixel small symbol which can be seen in the browser's table bar as well as in the bookmarks to the left of the page name. It is therefore an important identification feature for your online presence in addition to your logo. 

Logo and favicon can be adjusted at any time with the Design Configurator.

Click here for the complete user manual

Would you like to know more?

All information about the available editions can be found on the webpage for our TYPO3 Website-Base. You have the possibility to get a Website at a Fixed Price or you decide for a Website as a Service package, with which no further costs for hosting or security and function updates will come up to you.