Support for Your Multi-Domain Setup Configuration

By default, the Website-Base is pre-configured for only one domain, but if needed, we will gladly enable you to manage multiple domains in the TYPO3 backend with a little extra support.

You can use this functionality, for example, to manage the contents of both your main page, located at a URL similar to, and an additional online store with an address similar to or, within a single TYPO3 backend.

Simply tell us about your requirements, and we'll make you a non-committal offer to fully set up multi-domain support in your TYPO3 backend.

You want to manage multiple domains in a single TYPO3 instance?

We are looking forward to your inquiry via our form or via one of the other contact ways.

Benefits of Managing Multiple Domains in One Backend

Managing multiple domains within a single backend makes it easy to copy or reference any page contents between all domains within the same backend. These reference elements basically copy the referenced element but can only be edited by making changes to the referenced element or page. These changes automatically apply to all references, which allows multiple pages to be edited at once by modifying elements of a single page.

If, for example, a list of available products is to be output both on the main page and in the online shop, the list can be created once on one page and linked to the second web page with a reference. As a result, changes to this list must subsequently only be carried out once more. These are then automatically taken over both on the main page and in the online shop, which ultimately saves a lot of work and time.

All other data of the two web pages also only need to be uploaded and set up once in the backend. This can, depending on the size of your website, save some storage space on your server, as, for example, design elements don't need to be stored multiple times.

Similarly, Forms can also be used freely on all pages within all domains. For example, a contact form needs to be created only once and can be used at will on all pages within the backend.

There are many more benefits of managing multiple domains within a backend. Ultimately, this management method leads to significantly less effort and thus to great time savings, because many configurations only need to be made once and can then be used with a few clicks wherever needed.

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