The Website-Base has been created with high security standards to best protect your data and those of your website visitors. In addition, we continuously outfit the Website-Base with the latest security standards to ensure maximum security even in the far future.

Good Security of TYPO3 Improved Even Further

The content management system TYPO3 is equipped with high security standards by default. These standards are maintained and improved long-term by a dedicated security team. We also ensure that Website-Base benefits from this support by implementing the latest TYPO3 security patches. In addition, we include other security features, such as the automatic creation of all important HTML security headers.

The Website-Base also offers the ability to make individual page areas or files available only to specific user groups. Secure file downloads are also possible, which prevent finding the source files in the server memory. You can read more about this here.

Of course, we do not only rely on the security of the TYPO3 CMS. All our products are subject to stringent quality control, so you can be confident that your website will always meet the latest security standards.

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Higher Security Compared to Other CMS

Like other content management systems, such as WordPress, the functionality of TYPO3 can be increased with extensions built by external developers. The problem is that many extensions contain undetected or unacknowledged vulnerabilities. In addition, developers could decide at any time not to maintain their extension any longer, which will make it obsolete over time without its users noticing.

Therefore, the Website-Base mainly uses extensions written by ourselves with high security requirements, which are continuously checked and improved. When using third-party enhancements, we make sure that they are constantly being developed to meet the latest security standards.

In WordPress and other CMSs, extensions can be installed at will, without concerning compatibility. This way, it can easily happen that a newly installed extension leads to massive problems, including regarding the security of a website. These security issues may remain undetected for a long time, thereby offering high potential of attacks. That's why, for example, WordPress is a popular target for hackers.

In return, TYPO3 prevents the installation of any problem-causing extensions or updates and reports the source of the problem so that it can be solved in no time. Of course, we extensively test all new features of the Website-Base before they are implemented. Doing this, we avoid the occurrence of security gaps in the best possible way.

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All information about the available editions can be found on the webpage for our TYPO3 Website-Base. You have the possibility to get a Website at a Fixed Price or you decide for a Website as a Service package, with which no further costs for hosting or security and function updates will come up to you.