Many websites offer functions that are only available to logged in users such as subscribers of a service provider. To configure such access restrictions, our website base provides a fully configurable registration and login system with extensive user management tools in the backend.

In the Front-end

Extensive Registration and Login Functionalities

Some TYPO3 extensions offer basic login systems based on email and password. Our Website-Base significantly extends this functionality through numerous features, including:

  • Registration and login via Facebook or Google accounts
  • Automatic sending of e-mail notifications for registration confirmation, password reset etc.
  • Full configurability of the mail templates used (more info)
  • If required, registration and confirmation of multiple e-mail addresses per user
  • Support for profile pictures via file upload or Gravatar incl. a selection tool for the image area to be displayed
  • Automatic login after registration
  • Adjustable password requirements
  • Random password generation with consideration of these requirements

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In the Back-end

The Front-End Users Module

To make managing front-end users as easy as possible, an extensive front-end users module has been integrated into the back-end.

In this module, registered users can be searched for, edited and filtered by user groups. In addition, front-end users can be created, deactivated, deleted and manually confirmed here. The module also provides the ability to log in as a specific user in the front-end for testing or problem solving purposes. Last but not least, all accessible data can be downloaded as a CSV file.

The module thus offers all the functions needed to manage the registered page users.


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