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Top 8 SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

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Top 8 SEO Competitor Analysis Tools That Will Improve Your Traffic

People often wonder whether SEO is useful for their website or content. Studies show that 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results, and SEO can help websites rank higher in search results.

Taking a look at your high-performing competitors, you might wonder what they are doing right. To dive into the strategies and tools that they are using, it is important to conduct competitive analysis and grasp what is most valuable for SEO campaigns of your scale. With these seven SEO Competitor Analysis Tools, you can secure the right information and transform your future SEO campaigns into a great success.


Ryte is a professional analysis tool that utilizes search crawlers to completely check and analyze your website for any technical and content-related problems affecting your website’s rankings on Search Engine results.

The tool makes it incredibly easy to access data related to SEO, utilize opportunities for improvement, and actively fix issues concerning search engine optimization. The analytics support offered by Ryte not just helps you stay informed about your competitors’ performance and preferences, but also improve your technicalities.

We use Ryte for our homepage and are happy to assist you as a Ryte expert with the installation of the analysis tool and to advise you afterwards on which individual measures you can take to improve your ranking.

Simply contact us right away for a non-binding offer. You can also find out more about Ryte on our Marketing Services page.


A leading SEO analysis tool, Ahrefs helps you research your competitors in depth by accessing their backlinks, evaluating their organic traffic flow and assessing their best-performing pages or links. Ahrefs makes it easy to understand where you are falling behind your competitors in terms of marketing and advertising, webpage and landing page content and so on.

From traffic value to link building, Ahrefs helps you analyze your competitor’s top organic keywords based on your niche. This gives a quick overview into the best performing content that has a wider audience reach, inspiring ideas to take your content and communications to the next level, as well as a careful analysis of relevant search terms and the sites that are ranking for it.


Sitechecker is an all-in-one SEO platform that helps to perform SEO audits and monitoring competitors' websites. In SEO audits, websites are screened for search engine optimization criteria. Recommendations can be derived from this, that can positively influence the ranking of the website in question. The Sitechecker tool can be used to track new pages from competitors, as well as pages they remove or redirect. You can also observe how the others change titles, descriptions and headings from their pages and thus try to improve them.

This makes Sitechecker a good tool to learn more about your competitors' on-page SEO tactics and content marketing strategies.


SEMrush has a prominent name in the market for keyword research and detailed competitor analysis in terms of traffic, audience, lead generation, advertising strategies and more. The platform is no less than a wealth of information for those who want to conduct in-depth competitor analysis through a myriad of reporting tools.

The gap analytics tool of SEMrush allows users to compare competitive gaps in keywords, backlinks and bulk analytics about the competitors of your choice. At the same time, you can compare and contrast multiple analytics at once, taking market trends and competitive shifts into consideration. You can also use SEMrush to check the top-performing organic pages for a target phrase.


Sistrix is a leading competitor analysis tool that several world-class companies trust for their SEO needs. The all-in-one SEO software promises its users an “unfair advantage” with better rankings, more visibility and effective content, that places them a step ahead of their competitors. 

The Visibility Index helps users raise organic traffic by helping measure the success of their SEO strategies and giving them a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t for their domain. They have been in the market for over 12 years, and are known for their transparent, high-quality and reliable services. Sistrix also holds all data exclusively within Europe, and therefore offer the best data protection and expertise in what they do. 

We use Sistrix for our homepage and also enable our customers to use Sistrix reports for their SEO success.

Simply contact us right away for a non-binding offer. You can also find out more about Sistrix on our Marketing Services page.

PageOptimizer Pro

One of the best-performing competitor analysis tools for SEO, PageOptimizer Pro, allows users to plug in their website and their competitor’s, based on a keyword. Then, they can obtain a detailed analysis of where they are underperforming, which are the more successful pages and what the trends are in terms of page copy, metadata and specific keywords.


The most valuable tool for understanding your competitor’s SEO performance on Google is Google itself. Simply searching for your target phrase can lead you to a long list of content on that specific page and help you determine the right keywords, titles, descriptions and supporting content for the top pages. 

You can also gain a comprehensive understanding of what sites are backlinking to the current one and whether there is room for better backlinking for your site. More importantly, you also get to know page speed insights, user experience parameters and Google’s structured data testing tool.


One of the most widely used platforms for analysing your competitor’s SEO game – top keywords, backlinks numbers and sources, best pages and more – is Ubersuggest. The number of avenues for exploration and understanding is wide and varied – keyword and content ideas, search volume, search result position, estimated visits and estimated competition in organic search, among others.

Besides, you also have access to their efficient traffic analyzer and SEO analyzer, which gives an in-depth site audit and overview for understanding your competitor’s game. You can make use of domain score, referring domains and backlinks over time.

In conclusion, it is left to say: Competitive analysis for SEO is an essential step towards better rankings and more visibility for your website. Besides helping answer most of the questions regarding performance lag in the current climate, SEO competitive analysis can also help one understand the strategies that are doing well and the ones that are not.

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