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The Google Tag Manager helps you to get a full overview of the user streams on your website (and in mobile apps) in addition to Google Analytics. The tool gives you a clear overview of your users' interactions and paths. You can use it to find out some interesting data about the use of your website and apps. Furthermore, marketing campaigns can be checked with the Tag Manager so that you can track the complete customer journey of your potential customers. Once implemented, the Google Tag Manager can be used without any programming knowledge.

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The Google Tag Manager opens up many possibilities

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Scroll Tracking










Heat Maps


Shopping cart tracking



Scroll course




Download tracking


Monitoring of link clicks



Conversion measurement



Content Testing


How does the Google Tag Manager work?

With the Google tool, the above mentioned processes can be tracked and recorded with so-called tracking codes. The Google Tag Manager is not really a tracking tool in its own function. Other tools are responsible for measuring and displaying the tracking results. For this reason, the Google Tag Manager can be linked to a variety of different marketing tools. Besides the connectivity to the "sister" Google Analytics and Google's own advertising platform Adwords, the Google Tag Manager also offers connections to external tools such as Bing Ads, Optimize, DoubleClick, to name just a few.

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

The Google Tag Manager makes it possible to easily and uncomplicatedly place tags on a website. The tags load asynchronously and are loaded at the right moment when the page is loaded - only when the user has reached the point on the page where tracking makes sense. Since all tracking codes are combined in Google's Tag Manager, many of the tags only need to be defined once and can then be used again and again. This saves work and time.

With the integrated debugging solution of Google Tag Manager you can check the correct functioning of your tracking pixels. So you can check before publishing individual pages that everything works smoothly.

An extensive user management makes it easy to work with many users at the same time on Google Tag Manager. So you can work with agencies, different teams like marketing and development as well as external employees without any problems. Each user group can be given individual permissions that allow you to give individual users explicit access to specific areas and features of the tool.

The Google Tag Manager in web analytics everyday life

The Google Tag Manager does very well in everyday life thanks to numerous intelligent features. With A/B-Testing you can test the tag templates of different providers and compare them against each other. In addition, the conversion of Facebook and Adwords ads can be measured using prefabricated tag templates. Using so-called triggers, you can easily trigger certain tags for certain behaviors. This works according to the classic if X then Y-principle (example): If a user calls a page with "abc" (example.de/abc) in the URL -> triggers the following tag).

The alternative to Google Tag Manager: Tealium

The Google Tag Manager is not the only tag tool on the market. In addition to the Google Tag Manager, there is another recommended tool that we can recommend to tag the content on your website: Tealium. Tealium is not free, like the Google Tag Manager, but offers some additional features. We will be happy to help you choose the right tool for you and then support you with the integration and operation of the respective tool.

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