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Why TYPO3 still convinces in 2018?

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TYPO3 is a successful Open-Source project, which enjoys great popularity especially in Germany. More than one million websites have been developed with TYPO3. An extensive collection of extensions ensures the flexible use of the CMS and offers optimal solutions for many tasks. But what are the reasons for the success of the popular CMS and why will it remain a good option for the modern Internet presence in 2018?

Security as top priority

When it comes to security, TYPO3 has been offering a particularly convincing concept for years. An entire community of specialists, the TYPO3 Security Team, is constantly searching for possible security holes in the system. If such a vulnerability is found, a solution to the problem is immediately found. Experience shows that such bugs are fixed relatively quickly and an update is published in the shortest possible time.

In addition, TYPO3 offers a so-called Long Term Support, which is identified by the abbreviation "LTS" after the respective version (e.g. TYPO3 8 LTS). This means that for such a TYPO3 version support regular security updates are guaranteed by the TYPO3 Security Team. As a website operator, you can be sure that your current version will be further developed and that you are always on the safe side.

The extensions are also carefully checked for possible dangers. If a security vulnerability is also found here, both the users of the extension and its developers will be informed. If the problem is not solved within a certain period of time, the extension will be removed from the extension repository. The users are informed that it is recommended to uninstall the faulty extension.

Visual editing of content

Like many other CMS, TYPO3 also offers a visual editor for editing the various contents on your website. The content can be inserted from different sources. A large number of ready-made elements such as forms or tables are also available to users without programming knowledge. These can be added to any position with Drag&Drop.

TYPO3 offers numerous image processing functions. Images can be professionally edited, scaled and compressed.  As the website administrator, you can grant different user groups access to different editing functions.

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Flexibility of presentation and different designs

TYPO3 allows for maximum flexibility in the presentation of content for each page. You can generate a page either from a set of standard elements (text, text with image, images, contact form, news plugin, etc.) or with extensions. You can make individual adjustments for each individual element.

Your website can either have a uniform and strict corporate design or a creative and standardized design for individual pages. Of course, it is also possible to design individual content blocks or parts of the page differently.

Multi-platform capabilities

With TYPO3, you can also manage several independent websites in a single system, with the option of sharing the content created. With just one web interface, you can administer all websites for desktop PCs, mobile devices or intranets. Your web pages can also have different designs and access rights within one system. They are displayed as independent branches within the tree structure.

Protected areas and multilingualism

TYPO3 can also be used to create protected areas. These areas can only be activated for certain employees, customers or partners. For this purpose, you have at your disposal a sophisticated system for the administration of users and user groups, with which even complex and hierarchically structured concepts are possible. Like hardly any other CMS, TYPO3 supports multilingualism at all levels. The TYPO3 administration interface has been translated into more than 30 languages. You can also create your own multilingual content on the website. You can either offer individual areas of your website or the entire website in different languages.

Responsive websites are no problem

With TYPO3 it is also possible to create responsive or mobile first versions of your website due to its multi-platform capabilities.

SEO Tools in TYPO3

With TYPO3, you can achieve better search engine rankings thanks to fast loading times, mobile website display and optimized code structure. Thanks to a multitude of mechanisms for on-page search engine optimization, such as extensions for extended integration of meta data or internal linking, this effect can be further enhanced.

Conclusion: Should TYPO3 still be used in 2018?

In 2018, TYPO3 will continue to offer an advanced and free solution for modern websites that is in no way inferior to many paid alternatives. Thanks to internal optimisation, the CMS enables fast loading times of the website, correct presentation of content on different devices and high scalability.

The system's security component proves to be particularly impressive, with faster troubleshooting and continuous updates, making TYPO3 the most secure software solution for websites.

TYPO3's typical areas of application are corporate websites or portals, where you can flexibly manage access rights for editors and users. The content is administered via a special web interface with a tree-like structure of the elements, which makes it particularly easy to maintain and manage the content. 

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