With the news content elements you can create lists or teasers for news or blog posts according to certain criteria. The news itself is created using the News module. With these TYPO3 content elements you create links to the articles.

Since these are plug-ins, the General tab looks the same for all news elements. The decisive settings are configured in the Plugin tab.

Tab General of all News Content Elements

When editing the General tab, you can use the Header Only content element as a guide.

Tab Plugin – Sorting Posts

All news plugins (except news by author) can be sorted according to various criteria.

Only show news published after/before

For example, if you only want to draw attention to newer news on a page, you can set here that only teasers of articles published after a certain date are shown. Likewise, teasers can be provided that were created before a freely chosen date.

Sort by & Sort order

In addition to the system default, you can sort by two other criteria:

  • Date of publication
  • Order in pagetree

With the sort order you determine whether the sort should be ascending or descending.

Two examples should make the sorting clear:

  • If you sort by date of publication in descending order, teasers are displayed from the newest post to the oldest post.
  • If you sort by sequence in the page tree in ascending order, the teasers will be displayed starting from the post that is furthest down the page tree to the post that is furthest up.

News Overview

With the News Overview plugin, the TYPO3 system generates a simple teaser list of all blog posts. This tool can also be used to generate filterable teasers, which can be sorted by news categories and tags. Use this content element to provide your readers with an overview of available posts and to allow easy sorting.

Tab Plugin

Group news pages in tabs by

The generated teasers can be grouped according to various criteria. The following options are available here:

  • No grouping: The teasers cannot be filtered and are sorted by the selected rules.
  • Categories: You see the default setting of the plugin. However, this does not refer to the system categories that can be found in the list module, but to the news categories that are created in the News module. A post can only be assigned to one category.
  • Tags: News tags are created like system categories in the List module with the list element Category. In contrast to the system categories, the news tags of the website base are located in the 'Blog' page, on the subpages of which the news and news categories are stored. Tags are not assigned to a specific news category. An article can carry several tags.
Category Selection

Only selected categories are displayed in the tabs. If no category is selected, articles of all categories are available in the frontend.

Enable filtering by criteria that are not grouped in tabs

This option allows an additional filter to be shown, which enables multidimensional filtering. For example, if you have chosen to group by category and activate this option, a page visitor can switch teasers by the categories in the tabs. At the same time a drop down menu is available to filter by tags. If you selected no grouping, both categories and tags are generated as a drop-down menu when the option is activated.

Max. number of news

Here you can define the maximum number of teasers that can be shown.

Include only news subpages of the page containing this overview

If a check mark is set here, it means that only subpages of the current page are used for teasers. News that are located in other page branches are not displayed. If the option is not activated, all news will be considered for the generation of teasers.

News Overview in Frontend

Latest News

The Latest News plugin generates a slider that links each slide to a single article. The slider always takes 100% of the available width: So in the header it fills the whole width, while in a grid element it adjusts to the width of the grid column.

Tab Plugin – Settings

Max. number of news in frontend

Specify the maximum number of recent news items you want to display.


Select the news categories from which the latest articles should be linked. The categories do not correspond to the system categories, but are created in the News module. In the right field you will see the existing news categories. If you want to use all categories for the latest news, no changes have to be made in these fields.

If you only want to show news of a certain category, click on this category in the right field. It will automatically be moved to the left field. This means that only posts from this category will be taken into account. To deselect a category, click on a category in the left field, which will select it first. While the category is still selected, click on the trash can icon between the two fields.


At this point you will see all categories created in the system, but not all categories are news tags. So if you want to exclude certain news tags, you need to know which categories are used for news articles and which are not. Tags can be selected simply by setting or removing check marks.

Tab Plugin – Design

Within the plugin tab, in addition to the usual settings, you will find another tab where you can change the design of the latest news. By default, Layout 1 is selected, while the navigation dots are not enabled.

In Layout 1, article teasers are generated from the relations/images added in the page settings. You can also see the title, author, categories, tags and the date of the last modification. Layout 2 does not use the images from the news pages, but the description that can be entered in the news page properties in the general tab. Title, author, categories, tags and the date of the last change also appear with this layout. It is possible to set from 1 to 3 columns.

The navigation dots are placed under the teasers and show how many news are available. To get to the next articles or to the next article, the arrows on the left and right side of the teasers can be used in the frontend as well as the navigation points.

Latest News in Frontend

If you want the element to have a title, it is best to add it as an additional content element. If the title is created visibly in the content element, the slider image cuts off the title.

For the latest news to display properly, you need to ensure that all posts contain relations (images for creating teasers) or the category pages contain a teaser image if you want to use Layout 1. The image in the category serves as a fallback, in case that the news pages do not contain images. The images are used to create sliders automatically.

In our preview page, in addition to the Layout 1 in our screenshot, you can see different versions of Layout 2 with navigation points.

News by Categories/Tags

The news by categories/tags element generates a teaser list of posts to which certain categories (and tags) are assigned, similar to the news overview. The list is static and cannot be filtered. The category name is automatically used as title in the frontend. A header, which has been assigned in the General tab, appears above the generated title.

Tab Plugin

News Limit per Page

Specify how many news teasers should be displayed on a page. Please note the information about the categories: If several categories are selected, make sure that all teasers on a page can be seen in the frontend, otherwise the content element will not work. Therefore, make sure that the display limit is set high enough so that all news items are displayed on one page.


In the context of news, the categories do not correspond to the system categories that you find in the list module. What is meant are categories that are used specifically for news and are created in the News module. A post can only be assigned to one category.


News tags are created like system categories in the List module with the list element Category. In contrast to the system categories, they are located in the 'Blog' page of the Website Base, on whose subpages the news categories with the corresponding news items are created. Tags are not assigned to a specific news category. An article can carry several tags or no tag at all.

News by Categories/Tags in Frontend

List News by Author

When your blog posts are assigned to authors, it is possible to create article teasers from specific authors. The plugin can be configured quickly and easily. It uses the name of the author as the title in the frontend. An entered title in the General tab appears above the automatically inserted title.

Tab Plugin

Show the information of the author

In our frontend example, the information about the author is not displayed. Only the name is visible as title. However, this function is activated by default. In this case, not only the name, but also the associated image (if available), e-mail address and description of the author will be visible on the page.

News Author

Select the author whose posts should be shown as teaser in the frontend. Authors are edited and added in the List Module.

To select an author, click the Author button or the folder icon to the right of the field. If necessary, select the page on which authors are created and click on the desired record.

News which are excluded from the list

A list of all existing news is displayed in the right-hand field. Select the news that you do not want to appear in the list in the frontend. Just click on a post name in the right field. To move a post from the left field back to the right field, click on the article in the right field. You will see that the article has been selected. Now use the trash can icon between the two fields. The article is now no longer selected.

List News by Author in Frontend

Ohne Informationen des Autoren