To maximize the reach of your business, a strong presence in social media is essential. The Website-Base provides numerous tools with which you can prominently place your social media channels.

Twitter Feed

Twitter is perfect for sharing short and small news. To make this information available on your website, we provide a plug-in with the Website-Base, through which the stream of any Twitter account can be displayed on your page simply by specifying the corresponding Twitter handle.

Each time the page is called, the plug-in retrieves the most recent tweets and, depending on the configuration, retweets and responses from the linked account and displays them in chronological order, so the plug-in has to be integrated only once and then automatically updates itself.

The number of displayed tweets and their presentation can also be configured with a few clicks.

The button at the bottom of the feed is created by a so-called "Call to Action" element, which is also included as part of the Website-Base. More about the modular system of the Website-Base can be found here.

Facebook Feed

A similar function is available for the feed of your company's Facebook page. Because of the complicated way the data is received from Facebook, the implementation of this feed is only available on a surcharge.

Do you want to connect social media with your website?

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Many companies use YouTube channels to publish commercials and other videos about their products. For example, an indie game studio could publish current trailers there. In this case, it would of course make sense to include the videos on the corresponding product page or the start page of the company.

The Website-Base comes with a plug-in that finds the most recent videos available via a channel or playlist ID and embeds a specified number of them. Individual videos can also be embedded via their ID. The respective IDs can be easily found in the associated URL.

Here are the three most recent videos from our YouTube channel, which were integrated with this plug-in via the channel ID:

  • Insights into the Extbase ORM-Layer – Paul Ilea
  • Fluid-Support für PHPStorm und IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
  • Tutorial: How to change the .ts file extension for typoscript in PhpStorm, Webstorm and Co.

You can see that the plug-in does not just render a link or the typical embedded player, but automatically detects the title of the video and the beginning of the video description, and displays it in a teaser tile under the thumbnail of the video, fitting into the design of the website. In addition to the visually more appropriate presentation of the videos, this also ensures the responsiveness of your website.

Sharing Content of Your Website

In order not only to prominently place your social media presence on your own website, but also to spread your website's content faster and further in the social media, "share" buttons like the following can be used. The buttons automatically create a new post with the link of the current page. The post can be edited before sending it.

The buttons can be implemented anywhere on your website and are configured within the Website-Base in just a few steps. Other services such as Threema, Telegram and many more can be integrated with just a few clicks. A button for printing the current page is also available.

All buttons react like all other elements of the website base completely responsive to different screen sizes.