Website as a Service

The Website-Base is the evolution of the classic homepage building set. Thanks to its flexible features, the Website-Base makes it easy to manage websites of any kind - from a simple, stand-alone homepage to the sophisticated website of a large corporation.

Individualized features can be easily added to the Website-Base at any time using specially created extensions. We are also happy to take care of the content of your website.

We offer you all this and much more at unbeatable conditions. And because we are so convinced that the Website-Base is the best solution for your website, you can cancel free of charge within the first month if you are not completely satisfied.

Service Packages

Do It Yourself

Mit dem DIY-Servicepaket erhalten Sie ihre Website inkl. Domain vollständig vorkonfiguriert und müssen nur noch Ihre Inhalte selbständig hinzufügen. Das Paket enthält alle Features Ihrer gewählten Distribution der Website-Base.

  • Eigene Third-Level Domain
  • Eigenes Favicon
  • Regelmäßige Sicherheits- und Funktions-Updates
  • Suchmaschinenoptimierungs-Features
  • Einrichten von Google Analytics
  • E-Mail Support (Antwort innerhalb von zwei Werkwochen)
  • Upgrade zum All-Inclusive-Paket oder auf eine individualisierte Lösung jederzeit möglich


9,99 €/Monat als Standard-Distribution
14,99 €/Monat als Business-Distribution

+ 0,50 € monatl. pro Seite

Die Online-Shop-Distribution ist noch nicht im DIY-Servicepaket verfügbar.


Mit dem All-Inclusive-Paket können Sie sich entspannt zurücklehnen und uns das Erstellen Ihrer Website überlassen. Wir richten Ihre gesamte Webseite vollständig ein und erstellen auch die ersten Inhalte, bevor Ihre Webseite online geht.

  • Eigene Third-Level-Domain
  • Eigenes Favicon
  • Regelmäßige Sicherheits- und Funktions-Updates
  • Suchmaschinenoptimierungs-Features
  • Einrichten von Google Analytics
  • Vollständige Einrichtung Ihrer Webseite
  • Launch Ihrer Website mit 10 nach Ihren Wünschen von uns erstellten Seiten
  • Wir erstellen Ihnen pro Monat eine weitere Content-Seite (Vorlage max. 2 DIN A4 Seiten Text & Bilder)
  • Weitere Seiten können Sie ganz einfach selbst erstellen und verwalten
  • Priorisierter E-Mail Support (Antwort innerhalb von drei Werktagen)
  • Upgrade auf eine personalisierte Lösung jederzeit möglich


49,99 €/Monat als Standard-Distribution
74,99 €/Monat als Business-Distribution

+ 0,50 € monatl. pro Seite
+ einmalige Setup-Kosten von 499 €

Die Online-Shop-Distribution ist noch nicht im All-Inclusive-Servicepaket verfügbar.

Distributions (Feature Packages)



Online Shop

Coming soon

Based on TYPO3

Simple modular system

Design configurator

High stability and security

Active search engine optimization

Social media connections

Article writing for blogs / news sections

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for blogs

Secure Downloads

Registration and login system with user management

Protected page areas

Career portal

Online shop system

Support for multiple languages

Available on request (approx. 30 min. tech support per language) Available on request (approx. 30 min. tech support per language) Available on request (approx. 30 min. tech support per language)

Server Location

Germany Germany Germany

Server Storage

2 GB 2 GB 2 GB

Traffic Flatrate

Minimum contract period

24 months 24 months 24 months

Monthly fee in the DIY service package

€9.99 €14.99 tba

Monthly fee in the all-inclusive service package

€49.99 €74.99 tba

Surcharge per content page

€0.50 per month €0.50 per month tba

Billing period

12 months 12 months 12 months

Notice period

3 months 3 months 3 months

Free cancellation in first month


Based on TYPO3

The Website-Base is based on TYPO3, one of the largest content management systems for commercial websites, which is continuously developed and improved as an open source project. Thus, the TYPO3 community ensures that the Website-Base always uses state-of-the-art technology.

Convenient Modular System

Your web content is created with the Website-Base with just a few clicks and a minimum of effort using intuitive building blocks. No matter whether you are already familiar with TYPO3 or want to get started now: The modular system of the Website-Base makes creating your website child's play.

Design Configurator

Show your company from its best side: With the design configurator of the Website-Base you create the look of your website.

Hosting Included

All pages created with the Website-Base are hosted by us at no extra charge. This saves you unexpected costs and unnecessary effort.

Custom Third-Level Domain

With the Website-Base, your website receives an individual third-level domain of your choice, thanks to which your website can be found quickly and easily.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

The Website-Base was created for the mobile age and looks fabulous on every device.

Stable & Secure

Stability and safety play an important role in the development of our products. You can put your utmost trust in the Website-Base as we are constantly developing it to meet our high quality standards.

Search Engine Optimization

Through optimized performance, creation of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in three clicks, an automatically generated sitemap and many other SEO features, the Website-Base almost by itself ensures a good search engine ranking.

Integrate (social) media

With the Website-Base, feeds from your media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) or individual videos from YouTube or Vimeo can be integrated with just a few clicks.

Article and Comments System

The Website Base provides all the tools you need to succeed with your blog or news articles and interact with your readers.


TYPO3, and thus also the Website-Base, can be extended modularly if required. Should you need additional features, we will implement them to meet your requirements.

All Features in Detail


What upgrades are available for the Website-Base?

You can upgrade your Website-Base bundle at any time, for example, from the Standard feature package to the Business feature package to take advantage of additional features such as the career portal, or from the DIY service bundle to the All-inclusive service bundle if you want more help managing your web content.

Can I change the design of my website?

With the Website-Base Configurator you can freely customize all building blocks of the Website-Base according to your needs. Detail settings such as colours, fonts, spacing, button sizes and much more are available there.

If you want to change the basic structure of a block or add a new block, you must order it from us. We will then conceptualize the redesign and prepare a cost estimate.

You can familiarize yourself with the existing content modules on our demo page.

What happens if I decide later that I need an independent solution?

Web pages created with the Website-Base are not permanently bound to the base system, but can be continued at any time as an independent TYPO3 instance. We offer you the freedom to detach your website from the Website-Base even during an ongoing contract and to have it maintained by us as a website as a service at individual conditions.

Since the separation of your website is associated with some effort, one-off costs are necessary for this process. Depending on the degree of individualization, we also adjust your ongoing costs.

As an independent instance your website will be moved to a normal, independent hosting and you will get admin access to the backend. If desired, a completely individual design with entirely new building blocks can be created and after the separation we are able to create complex extensions tailored to your needs or redesign the existing ones.

What is a third level domain?

A website domain like consists of several parts:  

  • The top-level domain in our example is the com at the end of the address
  • The second level domain is the example
  • The third-level domain de
  • The fourth level domain www
  • ...

Thus, the domain of your website looks like this with the Website-Base:

1 All prices are targeting commercial customers only and are written excl. 19 % VAT. The offer includes the license for the usage of all delivered standard features and software installation through sgalinski Internet Services staff members. Excluded from the offer are all individual configurations, such as design, content creation or implementation of additional features. Those are available on request for a surcharge.

The Website-Base may not be used to spread eroticism, hate speech of any kind, gambling or religious content. It is also not allowed to offer a streaming or file sharing service through the Website-Base. We reserve the right to close such sites without notice.

sgalinski is not responsible for any content posted through the Website-Base. All liability lies with the operator of the respective website.

Tech-Support is available for €100/h plus VAT.

All prices are directed exclusively at commercial customers and are exclusive of 19 % value added tax.

The prices per page are calculated based on the number of active (publicly viewable) pages in the TYPO3 page tree of the instance.

During the first 30 days of the contract period, access is granted only to the backend of the Website-Base. This time can be used by the customer to prepare pages for the release. Unless written notice of termination is received by the 30th day of the contract term, the right of termination expires until the end of the 24th month of the contract term. In the case of contracts containing additional setup by sgalinski, this will be carried out after the 30th day of the contract term.