Website as a Service

Would you like to update, refresh or even create a new website for your company? Are you looking for solutions that can be implemented quickly & easily and are reasonably priced?

With our service, anyone can get started with the Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3. We will provide you with a preconfigured page. You are free to customize it according to your preferences. Thanks to the intuitive modular system, you can start designing your new online presence almost immediately. In the process, we ensure a smooth workflow through hosting and function & security updates. This avoids unexpected costs and unnecessary effort. In addition, the Website-Base automatically ensures a great ranking in the search results thanks to many SEO features.

If your company needs a more individual solution, our Premium Service Packages are available for you. With the Managed Service Packages you can sit back and relax, because we will create the first 10 pages for you. So you get an all-in-one package for your website.

An online shop system is currently under development. Please contact us if you are interested: Contact form.

Simple & clear

thanks to modular system and practical design configurator

Always up to date

with regular function and safety updates

Including Domain & Hosting

on a secure and powerful server in Germany

Search engine optimization (SEO)

ensures a good search engine ranking almost by itself

Management service

we help you to integrate your content in the Managed Service Packages


with our premium packages we develop individual features for your website

Service Packages

The Website-Base Service Packages are suitable for companies that want to get started quickly with creating their new web presence. The DIY version is aimed especially at our price-conscious customers who are already familiar with the content management system TYPO3 or other CMS and at those who still want to get to know it. Our Demo Website shows you the variety of possibilities you are given when it comes to designing your website.

Do you already have all the content and images you need for your new website? But you are afraid to create and edit new pages by yourself? Then the Managed Service Package is the perfect solution for you! According to your wishes and ideas we create the first 10 pages for you (exclusive picture and text).

You have change requests for the design or need interfaces to other systems? Then you can switch to our Premium Service Packages3 at any time.

Do It Yourself

The DIY Service Package provides you with a fully preconfigured website and all you need to do is add your own page elements and content.


19,99 €/month

no setup fee


With the managed service package, you can sit back, relax and leave the building of your website to us. We completely set up your entire website and insert the first elements before your website goes online.

  • Own third-level domain can be activated at no charge
  • Own configurable favicon
  • Free email support (response within 3 business days)
  • Personal training for a fee
  • 100 pages included in the price
  • Incl. creation of 10 pages based on layout wishes (excl. text & image)
  • Further 10 pages per year free of charge (excl. text & picture)
  • Free administration of job ads & users (excl. text & image)
  • More pages: Create & manage it yourself or have it set up for a fee
  • Upgrade to Premium Service Package3 possible at any time


74,99 €/month

+ one-time 699 € setup fee

Premium Service Packages

With the Premium Packages, you not only benefit from all the advantages of our Standard Packages. You can also expand and modify your site with us. And all that for a monthly surcharge of only €10.00. Please have a look at the page of a satisfied Premium Customer:


Do It Yourself Premium

The DIY Premium Package contains all the functions of the DIY package. However, you also have the option of having us develop your own content elements and features according to your wishes.

Advantages in addition to the DIY Service Package

  • Own second-level domain can be activated at no charge
  • Individualized content elements 
  • Tailor-made functions (e.g. connection to external tools)
  • Minor adjustments to the design possible
  • One free personal training session
  • Further 100 pages included in the price


29,99 €/month

+ one-time 999 € setup fee

All individualizations are charged at the technician hourly rate. 2 hours are included in the price.

Additional costs due to regular updates are rarely possible, if changes in personalized components are necessary.


Managed Premium

The Managed Premium Package combines the advantages of the Managed Service Package with the possibility of freely expanding the functions of your website.

Advantages in addition to the Managed Service Package

  • Own second-level domain can be activated at no charge
  • Individualized content elements 
  • Tailor-made functions (e.g. connection to external tools)
  • Minor adjustments to the design possible
  • One free personal training session
  • Unlimited number of pages


84,99 €/month

+ one-time 1.699 € setup fee

All individualizations are charged at the technician hourly rate. 2 hours are included in the price.

Additional costs due to regular updates are rarely possible, if changes in personalized components are necessary.


Based on TYPO3

The Website-Base is based on TYPO3, one of the largest content management systems. As an Open Source, the system is continuously developed and improved. Thus, the TYPO3 community contributes to keeping the Website-Base up to date with the latest technology.

Convenient modular system

Thanks to intuitive building blocks, your content is created with just a few clicks and minimal effort using the Website-Base. No matter whether you are familiar with TYPO3 or just getting started: The modular system of the Website-Base makes the creation of your website child's play.

Design Configurator

Present your company at its best: With the design configurator of the Website-Base you define the look of your website.

Freely selectable domain

Simply configure the domain of your website yourself. With that you can find your homepage quickly and easily.

Optimized for mobile devices

The Website-Base was created for the mobile age and adapts to any device.

Stable & safe

Stability and safety are especially important to us when developing our products. You can rely on the Website-Base, because we are constantly developing it according to our high quality standards.

Article and comment system

The Website-Base offers all the tools you need to succeed with your blog or news articles. You also have the tools to interact with your readers.

(Social) media integration

With the Website-Base, feeds from your media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) or single videos from YouTube and Vimeo can be integrated with minimal effort.

All features in detail

Terms and Conditions1

Server location Germany
Servermemory 2 GB
Traffic flat rate
Minimum contract duration 24 months
Billing period 1 month
Period of notice 3 months
Money-back guarantee2 in 1st month (except setup)
Multiple languages available on request | €50 technician support
Additional payment for pages/job ads €19,99 per month per additional 100 pages

Price list1

  DIY Managed DIY Premium Managed Premium
Setup for each second level domain required 15 € 15 € inclusive inclusive
Personal online training (60 min)     75 € 75 € inclusive inclusive
Additional support 100 €/h 100 €/h 100 €/h 100 €/h
SEO audit 100 €/h 100 €/h 100 €/h 100 €/h
SEO optimizations 100 €/h 100 €/h 100 €/h 100 €/h
Content editing 75 €/h 75 €/h 75 €/h 75 €/h­
Setting up another language 50 € 50 € 50 € 50 €
Data export (SQL dump, file archive) 50 € 50 € 50 € 50 €


What upgrades are available for the Website-Base?

You can upgrade your Website Base Package at any time, e.g. from DIY Package to Managed Package, if you wish further assistance in managing your web content.

If you need individual features or a connection to external services, you can switch to a premium service package.

Can I change the design of my website?

With the Website-Base Design Configurator you can freely customize all components of your website according to your needs. Detail settings such as colors, fonts, spacing, button sizes and much more are available there.

If you want to change the basic structure of a building block or add a new one, you can order it from us as a user of one of the Premium Packages. We check the feasibility and provide you with a cost estimate for the requested changes.

You can familiarize yourself with the existing content modules on our demo page.

What happens if I decide at a later stage that I need an independent solution?

If you need additional features for your website, you can upgrade to a premium service package at any time and let us develop new features for you. You will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the Website as a Service model.

If you decide to disconnect your website from the Website-Base as a completely independent system, we offer to separate your website from the Website Base for a one-time fee. Your site can then be used as a separate TYPO3 instance.

What is a Third- or Second-Level-Domain?

A website URL such as consists of several parts:

  • the top-level domain in our example is the com at the end of the address
  • the second-level domain is the example
  • the third-level domain de
  • the fourth-level domain www
  • ...

The domain name of your website looks like this with the Website-Base:

Users of a premium service package can use a URL in the following form:

What does SEO stand for?

SEO means 'Search Engine Optimization'.

The Website-Base offers various technical optimizations that are often performed automatically (e.g. machine-readable/structured data information for job ads) or can be configured very easily like alt attributes for images and much more.

What does CMS mean?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is an administration system for the contents of a website.
A CMS like TYPO3 provides a central storage and administration platform that can be accessed by several users simultaneously. From there, every editor can easily and independently edit the information in his or her area of responsibility, without the need for programming knowledge.

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is an Enterprise Content Management System that is used independently of the user's operating system via a browser to manage websites and other content platforms of any dimension. It is suitable both for small websites and for highly complex platforms of large corporations. It grows flexibly with the needs of its users.

As an open source project, TYPO3 is constantly being further developed and improved by a large community.

This CMS and especially the Website-Base are designed in such a way that editors and authors do not need any programming knowledge or special programs to manage the content. In addition, several users can easily work simultaneously on different parts of the CMS.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is the small symbol that web pages are provided with in the tab or bookmark bar of a browser and can thus be easily recognized. In the Website-Base you can define your own favicon as you like and define one of your distinguishing features.

What does AMP stand for and what are AMP pages needed for?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP pages are therefore a redundant term for websites that are loaded particularly quickly on mobile devices. Various features (e.g. complex animations) are left out in order to minimize the loading time for mobile users.

Search Engines reward this with improved rankings. It is also much more likely that visitors of an AMP page will remain on it, as they load faster than a non-optimized page. As a result, the click rate with accelerated pages is improved by several effects.

The Website-Base offers the possibility to automatically optimize each page for mobile users with only three clicks.

[1] All prices are exclusively for commercial customers and do not include 19% sales tax.

[2] During the first 30 days of the contract period, access is granted exclusively to the backend of the Website-Base. This time can be used by the customer to prepare pages for release. Unless written notice of termination is received by the 30th day of the contract term, the right of termination expires by the end of the 24th month of the contract term. Setup costs will not be reimbursed.

[3] In the case of an upgrade, the monthly surcharge of 10 € and the setup price must be paid. A downgrade from a Premium Service Package to one of the Standard Service Packages is not possible.

The Website-Base may not be used to spread erotic, hate speech of any kind, gambling or religious content. It is also not allowed to run a streaming or file sharing service through the Website-Base. sgalinski reserves the right to close such sites without notice.

sgalinski assumes no liability for content posted on the Website-Base. Any liability lies with the operator of the respective website.

For security reasons, the operators of a Website-Base website are not permitted access to the server from which the website is operated. Similarly, admin access to the backend of the Website-Base will not be granted to anyone other than sgalinski. The operators receive all necessary rights of use to be able to manage their content and data independently from the backend of the Website-Base.

With the purchase of the product, you receive no rights to the source code. If you decide to change your provider after the minimum contract period has expired, data export is available for a fee of 50,00 €.

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